Eliza DushkuAs some of Hollywood's young, hot, sexy actresses battle their way to the front of the Wonder Woman wish list, one lovely vampire lover is hoping to sink her fangs into the role with a little help from a good friend, the director. Eliza Dushku, best known for her role in thousands of wet dreams across the globe, as well as stints on Buffy and Angel, seems to be down with playing Joss Whedon's latest superhero.

"Joss is doing a little movie called Wonder Woman. I'd slap on the dukes for that." I'm sure I'd be speaking for men everywhere when I say that we would not mind if you strapped on those dukes either Eliza. In fact, I think you should prove to Joss (as well as Cinematical) that you are worthy of such a role by giving us a sneak preview of what something like that might look like. What do you guys think?

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