Ernest HemingwayThough the film doesn't yet have financing, Anthony Hopkins has been signed to star as Ernest Hemingway in Papa, which will be directed by Roger Donaldson. Papa reportedly will look at the end of Hemingway's life, during which he spend time with "Denne Bart Petitclerc, America's youngest war correspondent in the Korean War." Petitclerc was reportedly inspired in his work by Hemingway's coverage of the Spanish Civil War, and ended up visiting the author in his Havana home several times; Papa seems to be based on his writings. The film documents both the relationship between to two men and Hemingway's final disintegration prior to his suicide.

I'd never considered it before, but could anyone be more perfect to star in this movie than Anthony Hopkins? When he's tan and at his heftiest, he already looks like Hemingway - when he gets a beard, it'll be positively spooky.
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