BonoWho would think of Bono when they needed to cast the role of an aging rock star? I mean, the idea is just so out of left field - could he possibly have the acting chops to pull that off? Ok, I'll stop. According to The Guardian, the U2 frontman is in talks to star in All You Need is Love, a "£70 million Hollywood musical" about, yes, an aging rock star. Who, logically enough, expresses himself in song. According to co-writer Ian La Frenais, Bono is not only chatting with them but is "keen to [take the job]."

While his only previous acting (I'm not counting when he appears as Bono) experience was a walk-on in The Million Dollar Hotel, it's hard to argue with the fact that the camera adores Bono (have you see the video for One? Where he just sits there for the entire length of the song? Oh yes - the camera is a fan). Plus, he's undeniably got experience with the whole aging rock star thing. Hey, you never know. It could happen.
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