Kevin SmithOkay, now we're really confused. As recently as two weeks ago, as Erik reported, Kevin Smith was still officially affiliated with Fletch Won, and was pushing to have pal Jason Lee (Mallrats, My Name is Earl) cast in the role originated by Chevy Chase. Super. Then Martha reported earlier today that Smith is out of the picture. Martha got the story from the good folks over at

Also today, IMDB reports that Smith is officially off the Fletch Won project, citing as its source movie gossip site, however, in a story headlined "Kevin Smith Walks Away from Fletch Won", quotes David List, the film's producer, as telling IMDB and NewsAskew, a website reporting on all things related to Smith, that Smith is no longer affiliated with the film either as writer or director. NewsAskew reports that Kevin has confirmed that he is off the project, and, well, you'd think if anyone would know, they would, right?

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