RobotsThe gloves are coming off in the battle of the Montreal film festivals, and it's starting to get ugly. The director of the Montreal World Film Festival (aka Montreal International Film Festival) has issued a press release calling for an official public inquiry into the "resounding and humiliating failure" of the city's most recent film festival, New Montreal FilmFest, organized by Montreal cultural event organizer Spectra.

Montreal FilmFest, which had been hampered by dismal attendance following the opening gala, ran in between two other film festivals, The World Film Festival, which ran August 25 through September 3, and the 34th Annual Festival du Nouveau Cinema, which is set to run October 13 through 23. The final blow to the fest came when, as Karina reported, festival closer Domino, starring Keira Knightley, was pulled from the lineup at the last minute after the stars of the film proved unavailable to attend. Are three festivals simply too much for this city of 3 million?

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