Bob Wright, NBC Universal Chairman and Chief Executive, announced today that his company plans to jump into the movie download business by the end of the year. Speaking at the launch of a multi-industry initiative called BASCAP ("Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy"), Wright confirmed that greedy, desperate studio execs are looking to legal music download stores such as ITunes for inspiration. "In my business we're just looking over the shoulder of the music industry, which has gone through a very difficult time," he said. "These movies are so expensive we have to be careful," he went on, "[but] we're pretty close" to instituting a pay download system. "Hopefully by the end of this year we'll be able to do that."

You can already legally download video-on-demand at sites such as Movielink (which is a joint venture of several studios) and GreenCine, but the studios are apparently under the impression that if they can get you to pay to download their products legally, withing a short window, directly from them and without any kind of middleman, they simply won't have to deal with the business they're losing due to the segment of the population who would simply rather get stuff for free. What do you think?

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