Harrison Ford as Indiana JonesMark this day down in your calendars, folks, because Indiana Jones 4 is underway and they've officially cast the first spot. Sure, we all know the Harrison Ford sequel had been sneaking around Hollywood with a case of "bad script" for awhile now, but after all that whispering and debating, it seems we finally have something going. TheIndyExperience.com reports that Texas model Laura Dutta has signed on to a small role opposite Harrison Ford. Although she will not be playing the female lead, she is slated to shoot for three months. For those of you fashion freaks out there, fear not - Ms. Dutta will be allowed to leave the set in order to attend fashion week in Paris. As far as other rumors go, there is word that some of Indy's past lovers may show up in the film including Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) and, my personal favorite, Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen). What? I've got a thing for brunettes. Lastly, contrary to rumors stating the opposite, a little birdie seems to be chirping about Sean Connery and the fact that the actor will indeed be reprising his role as Papa Indy in the 4th installment. As far as the rumor about Ford and Connery and how each of them have approximately 38 stunt doubles for the pic, well, I just made that up right now. Oh c'mon, they're both 90 - let me have a little fun.

[via Moviehole]

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