At a press conference yesterday, Sharon Stone announced her support for supermodel Kate Moss, who has lost several modelling contracts over the past two weeks after a video surfaced in which she could be seen taking copious amounts of cocaine. Stone, however ironically, made the comments in the middle of an event held to announce her new job as the face of an anti-aging serum from Christian Dior. "I think that we have to be aware that people are allowed to make mistakes in their life," she said. Stone paused whilst all in attendence pondered that thought, and then she silently apologized for making Gloria, Catwoman, and The Muse, and expressed her deepest regret for taking Phil Bronstein to the Los Angeles Zoo. Knowing she was in need of a solid punchline in order to reel the press corps back in, Sharon Stone prayed - and that in itself gave her an idea for a joke. "If you are in here and haven't made a mistake, I'd like to meet you because I've been waiting for Jesus -- and today would be the day," she cracked. And they all laughed – with her, not at her – and suddenly the prospect of an aging bombshell using the drug problems of a supermodel to get her name back in the papers seemed like much less of a big deal.
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