Steve Jones – radio DJ, former Sex Pistol, and sometime actorsays he's afraid to invite famous guests on his radio show because he's stolen from so many celebrities. It seems that most notable 70s rockers, at one time or another, succumbed to Steve's sticky fingers – from Keith Richards to David Bowie – and whilst Jones is embarrassed to run into his victims, he's not exactly remorseful.  "I had to do it in the early days of the Pistols because we had no money for equipment," he says. "I saw myself as the Robin Hood of punk." He says he can't even list all of the stars he's stolen from, because a good deal of them still don't know. You know what I think? I think Jonesy should get back at it – except this time, he can be the Robin Hood of Hollywood, and steal from current stars to support himself and other broke, washed up rock legends. Or he could just get a job on Heist.

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