Back in the mid-90s, former Fresh Prince Will Smith seemingly went straight from Next Big Thing to ReliableSavior of the (Summer Movie) Universe. But now, after a batch of crappysequels and the embarassment that was I, Robot, and even after the relative success of Hitch, he just seems like the most boring star in the world. So what should he do to restore urgency and excitement to his once-vital career? Throw a tacky party paid for by a bunch of corporate sponsors, you say? Um, no, probably not that. But he's apparently giving it a try nonetheless.

Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, sent out an ill-advised press release recently announcing their search for sponsors for a $650,000 private New Year's party at their Aspen estate. The shocking shill note in part read: "For the first time ever they are seeking synergistic partnerships with select corporate sponsors. This exclusive occasion offers your brand an opportunity to create and solidify unique one-on-one relationships with Celebrities and key Hollywood influencers in a relaxed and celebratory setting." According to Lloyd Grove, the pitch isn't even remotely working - he quotes one unidentified PR rep as saying, "It's insane! And it's Will Smith - like, ewww! He's just not exciting anymore, and half the weeklies don't write about him."

Smith's rep, for his part, claims that the email sent to the PR community was "
a preliminary conversation" and is indicative of "how parties get thrown every single day."
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