Jesus; hockeyThree years ago, a kid in a British grade school asked his teacher "why Mary and Joseph...named their baby after a swear word." After the hilarity subsided, someone who heard the question decided that a movie had to be made to educate the non-church-going youth of Britain (out of 12 million kids, less than a million attend services regularly) about where Jesus came from.

The result is a horribly-animated 30 minute lesson called It's a Boy, which will be sent to 26,000 elementary schools across Britain by the Christian charity that financed it . The film "tells the story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of three quails," which I'm sure will thrill the kids who are forced to watch it. Though It's a Boy goes out to schools this month, a "star-studded" premiere will be held in London in late October. Religion aside, the movie (based on the clips at its official website) is a piece of crap - can't wait to see who shows up at the premiere.

Oddly, so far there doesn't seem to be any complaining from the non-religious or non-Christian parents whose kids are going to watch the movie. Can you imagine the stink if somebody tried this over here?
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