Emilio Estevez; Charlie SheenLess than a month away from the start of principle photography, Emilio Estevez has added a few members to the cast of Bobby, his star-studded examination of Bobby Kennedy's assassination. Set to joint a cast that already includes Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, and Estevez himself are Sharon Stone and current Hollywood darling Elijah Wood. The film will mostly be set in the Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy was killed, and will tell its story by exploring the lives of 22 people who were present at the shooting.

Estevez has been working on this project for almost five years, and has acquired independent financing to the tune of $10 million. With about two weeks to go before shooting begins, however, 10 major roles still haven't been cast. Since the relatively tight budget can't really handle delays, hopefully we'll hear more names soon. Like, say, who he's going to pick to play Bobby.
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