Guy RitchieHere's the summary of Guy Ritchie's new project, Knights of Malta:  "a comedy set during the 16th century Great Siege of Malta." Dude, are you serious? I mean, a movie about the Great Siege of Malta and the Crusades is potentially very cool. And comedies almost always work. But to throw the two together sounds like possibly the worst idea of all time. (Though that French movie about slapstick, time traveling knights did well. Maybe that's Guy's inspiration.)

What's funny/sad is that Ritchie's had this on his mind for quite a while, and was actually planning to make it after Swept Away. Though he claims the delay was caused by the sudden flood of epics that briefly took  over movie screens, surely the desperate hatred with which the whole world responded to Swept Away didn't exactly get him fired up about getting right back in there. Oddly (unfortunately?), the similarly negative response to Revolver hasn't put him off at all - but, since Malta is still in the planning stages, critics won't be able to destroy it for at least a year.
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