Tony ScottWe're all well aware of the impact Hurricane Katrina has had on the entertainment industry, as well as the assortment of films that were shooting and were due to shoot in the New Orleans area. Today, it seems the Jerry Bruckheimer produced thriller Deja Vu is joining a long list of films damaged from the storm by losing director Tony Scott. Citing "logistical and scheduling problems" Scott has left the project which, as of now, still has Denzel Washington attached to star. News of the Domino director's departure came on the same day the film was supposed to start shooting and, with an already delayed production start, things can only get worse as Bruckheimer and gang scramble to find a decent replacement. Although the $75 million budget is expected to rise due to Katrina damage, everyone is still dedicated to the project, even though a possible move out of Louisiana would mean losing the state's kick-ass tax incentives. Production is now slated to begin in January unless an adequate replacement for Scott is found sooner, although they'll first need Denzel's approval and, according to some reports, Katrina may be easier to deal with.
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