Strange Brew

The day has come, friends. After a layoff of what felt like about 15 years, the NHL is back. Starting today, hockey begins the task of bringing back all the fans that the lockout drove away:  so far they've given us new rules, some kid named Sidney, and The Great One back on the bench (albeit in a suit). For those of you already drinking in preparation for a night in front of the TV, here are five hockey flicks to get you through the day. (And I'm not listing Strange Brew, because you're probably already watching it.)

  • Slap Shot:  Friends who have played profession sports swear that life on the road really is like this. And they insist that's a good thing. Men are weird.
  • YoungbloodRob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. How about a little cheese with your hockey?
  • The Mighty Ducks : How can a movie that gets a professional franchise named after it not be on this list? Plus, Pacey from Dawson's Creek!
  • The Cutting Edge: A pain-in-the-ass professional hockey player becomes a champion pairs figure skater. What? It could happen!
  • The Running Man: Possible the most gratifying, kickass hockey scene ever committed to film. You know you love it when the horn goes off after Arnold foils the murderous, skating goons.
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