Renee ZellwegerRenee Zellweger (a/k/a Karina's favorite actress) has been tapped to star in the remake of yet another scary film from the Far East. The Eye, which was originally directed by twin brothers Oxide (Seriously? Oxide?) and Danny Pang tells the story of a girl (Zellweger) who begins to see the dead woman whose eyes she inherited in a transplant. I remember catching bits and pieces of this when it was on cable not too long ago, and for some reason (maybe my eyes hurt), I turned it off.  Hideo Nakata will direct the American version, while Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner will produce. Nakata also directed the orginal version of The Ring, called Ringu, and also helmed its American (of course) sequel. The only thing I'm afraid of, with Renee aboard, is that people may actually go see this movie. Side Note: As a fun little game, take a look at Renee holding that Oscar and tell me how many things you find wrong with that picture. I can name 30.
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