Confederate States of America; moon landing

CSA: The Confederate States of a America is a mockumentary that presents what the US might have looked like had the South won the Civil War. The trailer (the official website, which opens with an eBay for slaves, is here) features an auction on the Slave Shopping Network and is incredibly creepy and disturbing, particularly when viewed through our political correct filter. The film is reportedly both a cutting political commentary and a pretty clever parody of History Channel-type documentaries, complete with "archival" footage and talking head interviews.

Though the film was produced by Spike Lee and is currently enjoying a very successful run in Spain (it won the audience award at the Malaga film festival) and will soon open in the UK, its presence in the US as been quite limited. Shown at Sundance last year, the film languished for a while before being picked up by IFC Films and will now open Friday in Memphis and Charlottesville. Hopefully a wider distribution will follow - anything that encourages intelligent talk about race relations deserves at least a chance to be seen.