Harvey Weinstein announced today that he and his brother Bob have raised $230.5 million in equity in their new venture, The Weinstein Company. That's not too bad, considering TWC (as far as I know, no one else is jumping to that abbreviation except for lazy lil' me) has been open for business for about four days. HW also hinted that more investors are standing in line; the studio bankroll might total up to $420 million by next week. Bob and Harvey are mainly collecting money right now based on their track record at Miramax/Dimension, and on the strength of their upcoming slate. They'll release their first film as a non-Disney entity on November 11: Derailed, starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen. I was planning on challenging Martha to a series of escalating mental and physical challenges in order to win the right to review the film, but then I remembered that I had promised it to Ryan a long time ago. Probably a good thing, too – we should probably wait for a big dip in the numbers before launching into an inter-blog catfight.
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