• hughjackman.jpgHugh Jackman will star in a Disney musical called If You Could See Me Know Based on an unpublished book by Cecelia Ahren, Jackman will play the imaginary friend of a 6-year-old orphan who falls in love with the kid's aunt. She can see him, apparently. Even though the boy made him up. What part of "it's a Disney musical" didn't you understand?
  • Jon Favreau has been lined up to direct an adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' sci-fi tale, John Carter of Mars. There are twelve volumes in Burroughs' series, about a Civil War veteran who stumbles upon a time portal and finds himself transported to - wait for it - Mars. Favreau, who wrote the script for Swingers and directed Made and Elf, is making his big-budget effects-spree debut with this fall's Zathura.
  • Barry Levinson and Robin Williams, the duo that brought you Good Morning, Vietnam (which, if you're a little bit older than me, you loved) are Toys (of which every existing print could disappear off the face of the earth and you wouldn't even notice), are teaming up again to bring you Man of the Year. The comedy will follow a  "Jon Stewart-like host of a latenight political talkshow who runs for president to make noise on the campaign trail." Sounds edutaining and all, but dear God - why couldn't they have just hired Jon Stewart?
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