Jeb BushWhen Florida governor Jeb Bush chose The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as the second book in Just Read, the state's reading-related contest series for kids, the primary stink was about the book's religious elements. Groups concerned about the separation of church and state, for example, objected to the reading program's presence in schools (the program's website links to Walden Media's, which offers discussion of a "17-week Narnia Bible Study for children").

Now, however, there are more reasons to complain. As discussed here earlier, the co-producer of the upcoming Narnia film is Walden Media, which is owned by
Philip Anschutz. Anschutz also happens to have donated $100,000 to Republican "candidates and causes" in the past three elections. Ah-ha. While Walden Media did give $10,000 to Just Read, Florida "to help pay for food and beverages for a reading coaches conference," that seems a small price to pay for a statewide promotion that will have thousands of kids demanding to be taken to see their movie. Oh, and the last book chosen by Just Read, Florida? That was Carl Hiaasen'sHoot, which will be made into a movie by...yes, you guessed it:  Walden Media. Classy, Jeb. Very classy.

[via Wonkette]
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