kerry.jpgCarlton Sherwood, the director of a documentary called Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal which was made with the intent of defaming then-presidential candidate John Kerry, is now suing - you guessed it - John Kerry for - wait for it - defamation. The film, funded by Pennsylvania-based Vietnam vets, alleged that Kerry's post-Vietnam anti-war activism was harmful to those still overseas. Now Sherwood is alleging that Kerry and former campaign aide Anthony Podesta sullied his name in their efforts to keep the film from airing on the Sinclair Broadcast Network just weeks before the election; various emails were allegedly sent out, in which Sherwood was variously referred to as a "Bush hack" and an "extreme right-wing activist."  The Kerry camp is predictably dismissing the suit as baseless. "It's too bad the truth doesn't matter to the right wing when there's a chance to fund-raise based on outright falsehood and slander," said Kerry spokesman David Wade. The Kerry team successfully managed to derail the broadcast of the complete documentary last fall under the priciple of "equal time" for political candidates, although excerpts were aired within another program.

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