El Crimen Perfecto

Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) is an ordinary man who dreams of being elegant and extraordinary. He works for Yeyo's department store, but for Rafael, Yeyo's is not just an employer - it's his whole life. He was born (so he says) in the accessories department of the gargantuan store, and he lords over the women's department like a medieval land baron, plucking at will from among the ripe, sexy women who work in Yeyo's perfume department.

He woos these women with hot date nights - in the department store after hours - complete with dress-up in formal wear (tags still on), dinner, and, of course, dessert...in the Bedroom Furnishings department. All of the women adore him, including one woman, Lourdes (Mónica Cervera), who worships Rafael from afar, but isn't pretty enough to attract his attention.

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