Syriana; George ClooneyBob told us earlier this week about a George Clooney interview in which he told Newsweek that his upcoming films - Good Night, and Good Luck and Syriana - could "get him into a lot of trouble politically." Watching the trailer for Stephen Gaghan's Syriana (in which Clooney stars), it's easy to see why. Though we never actually find out exactly what the plot of the movie is, the trailer makes it clear that it's about oil, and the American government's relationship to those who control it. There's a lot of talk about corruption, along with the clear implication that the presumably Republican government is gleefully abusing its power in the Middle East. Definitely a lot of ammunition here for everyone - those who like to talk about the evil liberals in Hollywood will have a field day, as will the people who are suspicious of everything that involves the words "oil," "Republican," and "government."

From a non-political point of view, George looks worn and paunchy. That aside, the movie is full of stars who also happen to be very talented (Clooney, Jeffrey Wright, and Chris Cooper, among others), which is nice, and the film looks potentially both entertaining and discussion-worthy. The US release is an Oscar-ready December 9.

[via The Movie Blog]