This could very well be a meaningless rumor, but a site called Freeze Dried Movies is claiming to have a scoop on the supervillain costumes being prepared for Sam Raimi's Spiderman 3, and the news is apparently throwing fanboys into a panic. "Basically," writes a contributor named "vaporrub", "The costume design in Spiderman 3 is a disaster, just like Mr. Green Goblin in the first Spidey." (Vapor elsewhere compares the Goblin costume to that of a Power Ranger). On to the words of the scooper himself: "The first problem is with Venom's costume ... they took a bit from the comic and gave it a disgusting purple tint. In the comic the reason for the tint was to Venom stood out in the shadows, but in film there's no reason for this. Now I've actually seen the costume designs and they're terrible. The purple looks awful." Freeze Dried's anonymous friend also claims to have seen the Hobgoblin costume, which will theoretically be worn by James Franco. "All I can say about the Hobgoblin outfit is "yikes"! He looks like a skateboarder or something." Yikes indeed. Take it with a grain of salt if it'll help you sleep better, but know this: Freeze Dried also leaked the true identities of the actors cast as Spiderman 3 villians -  *before* the rest of the world heard it from Kirsten Dunst. 
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