Narnia still

Though The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe isn't due for release until early December, the people seen as its target audience will soon be getting special advance looks at parts of the film. Because of the obvious religious elements in C. S. Lewis' books, Evangelical Christians are of particular interest to those behind the film, both as an audience and as a group who might potentially use the film in their efforts to spread Christianity.

According to a Cinematical tipster who saw 10 minutes of the film at a Christian leadership conference in Atlanta, the advance looks have only just begun - in fact, viewers at the conference were told that they were the first to see the footage. In addition to the movie clips, Tipster and his fellow attendees also saw two chapters of what he thinks will eventually be turned into a making-of documentary. Our tipster was kind enough to provide us with a detailed report on what he saw; you'll find it after the jump.
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