Halloween; Michael MyersShowtime's Masters of Horror series has had horror fans salivating since the day rumors about its existence began, but the network surpassed any and all expectations when the names associated with the project were announced.

Surely even the most optimistic of fans never dreamed that such genre luminaries as Dario Argento, John Landis, John Carpenter, and Takashi Miike would come together for a single project - and yet here they are, each directing a single, stand-alone episode of the 13-part series. Though it's impossible to be sure yet about the quality of the series based on the short clips on Showtime's site (linked below), the combination of Showtime's money and the skill of the directors involved has expectations sky-high.

The series will open on October 28 with Bubba Ho-tep director Don Coscarelli's contribution, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road.

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