Nightmare Before Christmas
My baby brother (who is in fact 23) is visiting Austin this weekend and he is possibly definitely a bigger film geek than I am. Some wonderful twist of fate caused LSU's fall break to occur at the same time as Fantastic Fest, which I will be covering this weekend for Cinematical. He's planning to accompany me to a few films (we saw G.O.R.A. last night, which was too weird for words). And if he isn't in the mood for science-fiction or horror films, Austin has tons of other selections to offer this week.

  • This week's Austin Chronicle includes a profile of the Fantastic Fest founders. I loved this quote from Paul Alvarado-Dykstra: "First and foremost, we wanted to do a festival with all the boring films cut out." I know now who to find if I get bored this weekend.
  • Austin Film Festival is posting more info this week about the films being screened and the panelists attending sessions. The latest news is that Judd Apatow will be at the festival. He'll host a special screening on Friday Oct. 21 of ... something he produced, which the Austin Film Festival listing neglects to name, describing it only as an "unaired North Hollywood pilot about struggling actors starring Jason Segel, Kevin Hart, Amy Poehler, and Judge Reinhold as himself." Apatow also will show outtakes from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The film festival runs Oct. 20-27 and the film schedule is available online.