• Neil Marshall, Rogue Pictures, and Crystal Sky Pictures are coming together to make Doomsday. Dubbed as "in the vein of Mad Max," it's the third in a line of horror/thriller films from writer Marshall. His last project, The Descent got thumbs up from critics and will show up on US screens, courtesy of Lions Gate, in 2006.
  • Bye-bye to David Dinerstein and Ruth Vitale. Paramount Classics chairman Brad Grey cut the two studio heads loose yesterday. Their contracts were through Feburary 14th, so what's the deal? Parent Viacom wants the little arthouse to go big, i.e., "be major players" and it seems Dinerstein and Vitale were not moving things in the right direction. No word on who'll replace them.
  • The Pink Panther (Beyonce/Steve Martin remake) director Shawn Levy will helm A Night at the Museum. The comedy is pretty much every child's best/worst nightmare: spooky things in the natural history museum come to life and some sort of comedy ensues. Levy also has a TV pilot on the way for the WB series Pepper Dennis.

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