Pocket Film FestivalSeveral months ago, Paris' Forum des Images gave 3G mobile phones and a directive to experiment to 100 "film-makers, writers, musicians, and other creative types." The resulting films range from 30-second shorts to Days When I Don't Exist, a 90 minute feature, and 14 of them will be in competition this weekend at the Pocket Film Festival, Europe's first celebration of the cinematic potential of mobile phones. Though the films were all shot on phones, they will be projected onto cinema screens for the festival. Interestingly, the Forum's lobby will also contain mounted cell phones which will show not only the films in competition, but also early Lumiere shorts, emphasizing the possibly revolutionary nature of this next generation of experimental filmmaking.

In addition to screenings, the Festival will offer "round-table debates on subjects such as the meaning of the new art and its sociological implications" as well a dedicated studio, complete with editing facilities, actors and tech advisers for visitors interested in creating their own films. While we've been hearing a lot lately about the commercial potential in 3G technology - television on cell phones, VOD, etc. - it's refreshing to see the artistic side being explored as well. While I the thought of watching a full-length film shot on a cell phone makes my head hurt, it'll certainly be interesting to see where this leads.
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