Two For the Money

Desperate for some popcorn coated with delicious fake butter? Don't know what to have it with? Well, it's your lucky day! So that you don't have to do it, Cinematical will offer a new weekly feature: a review round-up for each of the week's major Hollywood releases, at least until my eyes start to bleed from all the reading. Whether you still choose to see Waiting... is entirely up to you.

  • Two for the Money: Though mostreviews are neutral at best, there are fans to be found. Roger Ebert, unexpectedly, loves it, mainly because he seems to have a huge crush on Al Pacino (not that there's anything wrong with that). Ebert also has kind words for the script, direction, and Pacino's costars.
  • In Her Shoes: Curtis Hanson's chick-flick (no matter how hard reviewers, stars, and studios try to convince us that's not what it is, we're not going to believe them) is getting solid if not spectacularreviews. Though Cinematical contributor James Rocchi is a fan, there seems to be general agreement that, while it's fine for what it is, the movie isn't anything particularly special. That said, Ty Burr at the Boston Globethinks it's great viewing for women who live with their grandmothers, so keep that in mind for when yours moves in.
  • Waiting...: You're surely shocked at this point to hear that, like Robert, everyonehatesit, and that "dumbwaiter" jokes abound. Somehow even the tall loveliness of Ryan Reynolds just isn't enough to make this one even watchable for most people, though one one crazy person in Detroit actually gave it three stars. Please ignore him.
Is this helpful to you, or would you dig the reviews up on your own anyway? Please feel free to leave feedback, offer suggestions, or curse the day Ryan Reynolds was born in the comments.