Joe PanolianoUnfortunately for all of us, the unexpected success of Dancing with the Stars has prompted VH1 to create its own version of the show, except with singing. Ouch. I could be wrong here, but it just seems less egregious to me to dance badly in front of others than it is to subject a national television audience to off-key caterwauling. (All I know is that I would never, ever subject even my closest friends to my singing voice, but all of them have seen my painful excuses for dance moves.)

Happily for everyone who wants to see celebs try to sing, however, VH1 really doesn't care what I think, and neither do Joe Pantoliano and Bai Ling, both of whom will be contestants on the show, along with seven other misguided souls. According to the press release, "Each week, these hopefuls will undergo grueling and intensive training with two prominent vocal coaches and one movement/dance instructor to prepare for their performance," so maybe all those coaches will polish off the roughest of the edges. Starting October 30, the brave among you can see for yourselves.
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