Wallace & GromitHere's something you don't see every day: Posters for the new Wallace & Gromit film are being banned from the Isle of Portland, Dorset in the UK because of a local superstition; turns out, you're not allowed to use the word rabbit. For the past 100 years the citizens of Portland have been against the loveable creatures because they feel their burrows, which make the land unsafe, are too dangerous and therefore bad luck. So instead of calling them rabbits, everyone just refers to them as those "underground muttons" or "furry things" and avoid the monsters at all costs. The only poster allowed was strategically placed just off the island and reads, "Something bunny is going on." Because you can say bunny, but not rabbit. And even when you say bunny, you need to be nowhere near the people freaked out by the word rabbit. As you can understand, the film will not be playing in Portland. Instead, it will show in a neighboring town while Aardman Animations (producers of the film) have been courteous enough to remove all references of rabbit from their advertisements. Hmm, I wonder if, when the next Rob Schneider film comes out, we can do the same thing?
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