This made my brain hurt. Okay, Malcom McLaren, formerly known for managing Sex Pistols, wrote a song for Kill Bill 2 titled "About Her." This song, according to McLaren, was made up of samples which he asked Benjamin Beduneau (aka Lancelot) to compile. Lancelot contends, however, that the piece was not meant for Kill Bill 2, but for a tribute to Christian Dior.

Also, apparently McLaren, who has copyrighted the song, doesn't even know how to play a musical instrument, but then, neither did the Sex Pistols. Lancelot is suing McLaren. In other words, Lancelot, who provided samples of other people's music for a song written by McLaren, is suing McLaren, who made a song composed entirely of music written by other people.

 Makes sense to me.

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