Wanna hear a funny story? One involving a broken cell phone, a missed flight, a flat tire, my general inability to wake up before dawn, the horror that is ATA Airlines, and what was, overall, the most comically disasterous day of my life?

Well, because this is Cinematical, and not Karina Longworth's Diary of Sad Days, I won't go delve much deeper into it than to say that my plan was to arrive in Chicago yesterday around 9 AM, check into my WiFi-equipped hotel, and immediately head down to the Loop to pick up my press pass and start designing my coverage of the Chicago International Film Festival. None of that happened except for the picking-up-the-press pass part, and that didn't happen until around 5pm. Click after the jump for a dramatic illustration of my frustration, and more details on the few festival-related things I did manage to get to before I crashed for the night.
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