Pride & Prejudice

In an industry of very few sure things, Pride & Prejudice (trailer) just might be one of those rare shoe-ins for box office success. Think about it - chicks of all ages who love their Jane Austen romances will flock to it, but so will the horny men (and lesbians with good taste) of every generation whose brains stop functioning when they hear the words "Keira Knightley." Theaters will be jammed! (The only possible problem is with Mr. Darcy - Matthew MacFadyen has the great misfortune of not being Colin Firth, which just might be a deal breaker for the ladies who swooned over Firth's Mr. Darcy in the miniseries.)

No dates for the screenings (the whole thing is very vague, actually), but the film opens on November 11, so it's safe to assume they'll happen before then.