ClerksLast week, Kevin Smith and gang unveiled the first teaser trailer for his upcoming Passion of the Clerks. With nothing more then a bunch of clips of the first Clerks cut together, the trailer itself seemed to be there only to satisfy his legions of fans begging for this film to be here, like, right now. Well, apparently those fans weren't hanging out on AICN, because everyone over there trashed it by spitting out stuff like, "my opinion of a filmmaker hasn't fallen this far since I let my little sister stay at Roman Polanski's villa." Um, it's just a teaser people; the freaking guy just started shooting - what did you expect? Anyway, Smith himself (or his people) were listening and decided to cut together a new teaser and call it, "The Passion of the Clerks - to all you AICN folks that were pissing and moaning about the first teaser..." What follows is more Clerks footage, only this time they carefully constructed an approximately two-minute montage of the film's filthiest language. Seriously, this one is nasty, yet very funny if you were a fan of the original. Check it out for yourself, but please, if you or anyone in the room is offended by horrible language, save it for some alone time.
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