Tony DanzaWho knew that Tony Danza would be the first one to step up and call Tom Cruise out for his latest PR blitz (also known as the Bundle of Joy)? Assuring his interviewer that Cruise would never appear on The Tony Danza Show (There's still a Tony Danza Show?), the actor/talk show host said of Cruise, "Here's a guy out there lecturing people about drugs, but out of wedlock births don't seem to bother him." Go Tony.

While I'm a little unsure of the exact moral equivalence between being anti-psychiatric drugs and general opposition to all forms of bad behavior, I nevertheless applaud Danza for his balls. There was a time when criticizing Scientology in Hollywood could get you harassed (at least according to stories I was told by one who experienced the harassment) to such a degree that a lot of people figured it wasn't worth it to speak out. Who is "right" isn't really the issue; it's just sort of cool that someone is willing to step up and offer an opinion - maybe it's not Danza's business, but I think Cruise sort of lost that as a rebuttal when he ripped into Brooke Shields.
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