Luis GuzmanA lot of "wonderful" things have been said so far about Rob Mckittrick's film Waiting, with Roger Ebert perhaps putting it best by noting that "watching the movie is like having one of these wretched jobs, with the difference that after work employees can get wasted but we can only watch." Okay, so it's not that good. With news of its failure spreading, Mckittrick seems to be attempting to place, at least some of the blame, on Luis Guzman by posting a behind-the-scenes clip of the actor throwing a hissy fit on his blog. In the clip, Guzman is refusing to play out the scene the way Mckittrick wants, and instead is insisting on doing it his own way. In front of the entire cast, the two fight back and forth like wannabe high school gangsters outside the playground during recess. Of course, like any professional actor would do, Luis has to throw out the obligatory, "do you know who I've worked with before?" line, while shoving it back in the director's face with one of them hardcore, "and who the hell are you?" moments. The best part of the entire clip is watching Ryan Reynolds. As all this is going on, the look on his face is priceless, revealing some sort of, "Hey man, I'm just here to make another crappy movie" stare. Mckittrick ends his blog post by threatening Lions Gate not to remove the clip or else "I will put it back up, and you will seriously anger me. Given how limp our tracking numbers are, you owe me." You're right Rob, and given how crappy the movie turned out, it seems like you're about to owe a lot of people their money back.

[via The Movie Blog]

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