Infernal AffairsConfidently bucking the current trend that has many of his countrymen leaving our shores for Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs director Andrew Lau (not to be confused with the ageless Hong Kong actor/pop star Andy Lau who co-starred in the film) is poised to make his English-language debut with The Flock.

Not surprisingly, given that it was Infernal Affairs (currently being remade by Martin Scorsese) that brought Lau to American attention in the first place, the film is about a cop, specifically a "hyper-vigilant federal agent" who is in the middle of training his own (female) replacement when a sensitive, sex-offender case forces the two to work together. The agent will be played by Richard Gere (bets on how many clever Infernal Affairs/Internal Affairs jokes will be made on the first day of shooting?), while Claire Danes will play his replacement. Hilary Swank has also been cast in a supporting role. The film, which was scheduled to start shooting in New Orleans next month, has moved to Albuquerque - the only logical replacement location - and is expected to shoot there for about three months, with release planned for some time next year.

If The Flock is successful, Lau will be able to do nothing in the US but cop pictures. Me, I like cop flicks. And it'd be nice to get to see his work on the big screen here with some regularly, but at the same time, it'd be a disaster if, like John Woo, he stagnated here, churning out the same movie over and over again. (I actually quite like Woo's American product, but it's hard to argue there's much in it that's changed over the years.)

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