HighlanderMore details are emerging about the anime Highlander flick that Adam first mentioned here back in August. The film, tentatively titled Highlander: Vengeance, is a sequel to the first movie in the (long, long) series. Written by David Abramowitz (who worked on the Highlander TV series), it's being directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri whose best-known work is probably the strikingly violent Ninja Scroll. The plot summary promises the usual Highlander time-traveling madness - from ancient Rome to 100 years in the future - which in this case will be enhanced by the limitless effects potential of animation. Though the teaser is almost entirely useless, it does offer a hint of the film's look - which, oddly, seems to be totally focused on red lasers.

Release of Vengeance is set for some time next year; no word yet on the voice talent involved.
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