Corpse Bride

Ryan Stewart reviewed Corpse Bride for us a while back, and aside from the minor issues of the lackluster score by Danny Elfman and the underuse of Helena Bonham Carter as the voice of the bride, he really enjoyed the film. I finally managed to catch the film myself yesterday. I'd been looking forward to this film ever since I first saw its trailer. I love Tim Burton's uniquely ghoulish style and sensibility, and The Nightmare Before Christmas - which, by the way, was not directed by Burton, but by Henry Selick, who also directed James and the Giant Peach - is one of my fave movies ever. Corpse Bride, however, was a real disappointment.

Oh, visually it was gorgeous, sure. I totally get the tons of work it took to get the puppetry movements just so (the shoot lasted a marathon 55 weeks), and appreciate that the film wasn't entirely a CGI rendering. All the geekish, techie elements were in place. I mean, it took 28 separate shots just to make the bride blink, for heaven's sake. Unlike in The Nightmare Before Christmas, which used removeable heads and mouths, the Corpse Bride puppets' faces were painstakingly manipulated using hidden keys.

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