After a much needed nap, I hit a Festival party at a hotel in downtown Chicago, where I finally got a chance to meet a lot of the other filmmakers who are in town from other countries.  Showing your film to an audience is an incredible experience, but right up there with that is the chance to meet interesting and creative people from all over the world.  The highlight of the party was when Melvin Van Peebles accidentally walked in on Kevin Pittman in the bathroom, and Pittman jokingly hassled Van Peebles that if he wanted to see him naked, he would have to pay the ticket price to see Kissing on the Mouth.  Classic!

The Chicago Marathon was Sunday, and all the runners were trying to get some sleep Saturday night, so eventually the hotel party was shut down, and we had to find the fun somewhere else.  Everyone who was up for it went out to a bar in a trendy neighborhood, but not before loading up on free food.  One piece of Festival wisdom I have picked up is: when there's free food, eat as much of it as you can, because you don't know when you will come across your next meal.  I just ate a huge breakfast, knowing that I probably won't eat again today, other than maybe some snacks at another Festival get together tonight.  Now I'm off to catch some films.  We don't have another screening until Tuesday night, so for the next two days I get to relax, meet other filmmakers, and see films.  That's what it's all about.
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