Night of the Living Dorks

On Sunday at Fantastic Fest, I felt like I'd traveled backwards in time, to the days of Weird Science and Corey Feldman vehicles. It was surprising not to see any jelly bracelets or parachute pants in the audience.

I missed the first showing of Night of the Living Dorks, so I was determined to see it on Sunday. Other festival attendees had nothing but good things to say about the movie. There were a lot of hints about stapler jokes. I even thought the title was amusing (the German title is Die Nacht der Lebenden Loser, which translates into "Night of the Living Losers") and promised a funny horror film, which is just the kind of horror film I like.

I was not disappointed. Night of the Living Dorks was even funnier than I hoped it might be. We were prepared for the movie with trailers for Return of the Living Dead and better yet, Evil Dead 2, as well as a silly, cartoonishly gory short called Forklift Driver Klaus.
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