Let it not be said that Tom Cruise is anything less than efficient when it comes to the total lifestyle overhaul of his baby's mama: in less than six months under his watch, Katie Holmes has made a complete transformation from sweet-but-boring sort-of starlet, to Zombie of Love. Today she announced she was dropping ties to Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, her publicist of nine years. LSZ's replacement? None other than Lee Ann DeVette, Cruise's own publicist/sister. DeVette took on her brother's case after Cruise left his own long-time publicist, megarep Pat Kingsley. Oh, and, I don't know if you've heard, but DeVette, Cruise are now Holmes are all devout Scientologists. Sloane-Zelnick did her best to spare the snark when asked for comment by the New York Daily News: "We wish her the best. She has chosen to work with her future sister-in-law. We wish her well, and congratulate her on her happy news." Translation? "You can't argue with crazy."
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