Luis GuzmanIn the article linked below, Waiting... star Justin Long discusses the Luis Guzman blowup that quite reasonably has everyone hating on Guzman. The thing is, however, that Long's not complaining - in fact, it was all a big joke pulled by Guzman, who fooled not only director Rob McKittrick (who had the cameras running) but the entire set as well. McKittrick himself confirmed that the confrontation wasn't real towards the end of the lengthy comments on this Hot Blog post, and says he'll officially say so on his blog some time today.

While the prank was pretty clever (by both Guzman and McKittrick) and surely got the movie even more (bad?) publicity, I just hope that everyone who despises Guzman becuase of it finds out that he was kidding. Don't get me wrong - the guy might actually be a total bastard, we just don't know that for sure anymore.
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