Look, let's get this out there right now: Al Pacino circa Dog Day Afternoon is pretty much my physical ideal. And the guy isn't aging all that badly, either – I mean, every character actor should look so good at 65. Still, I admit I was caught a bit off guard by the news that his love interest in the upcoming 88 Minutes (which we've mentioned briefly before) is to be played by Alicia Witt, who is thirty-five years his junior. I mean, I guess this isn't *that* bad of a cradle-rob casting offense - at 30, Witt is undeniably an adult, after all - but it's still enough of an age gap so that the script will likely have to work pretty hard to keep their pairing from seeming laughable. When I read casting announcements such as this, I'm always reminded of Charade, the 1963 Stanley Donen caper starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. The 59-year-old initially Grant didn't want to take the role because he felt he was too old to play a romantic lead opposite the 35-year-old Hepburn. "I'm too old to be chasing girls," he's rumored to have said. He eventually agreed to take the part on the condition that the script be rewritten – and in the end, Hepburn's character blatantly went after him.
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