50 CentIn just the latest sign that studios are taking the capabilities of the new PlayStation Portable veryseriously, Paramount Pictures has created a website for its new movie Get Rich or Die Tryin' tailored specifically for the PSP. While the site actually can be successfully accessed by any internet browser, the top page is in a format that is PSP-friendly, and those who are using a conventional browser have to click a link in order to get to a more comfortable format.

Not only is the size and shape of the website tailored to the PSP, but the content is as well: it offers a trailer, wallpaper, "webisodes" and stills, all of which have been formatted for the PSP. According to Paramount representatives, they chose this film as the first to be promoted in a PSP-friendly way because it stars rapper 50 Cent. Said Interactive Marketing VP Amy Powell, "The PSP is huge in the hip-hop community and 50's fans are avid PSP users." The movie opens on November 9, but there is no word yet on if you will be allowed in without some sort of personal gaming device.