Michael MooreAccording to 400 "documentary makers and film experts," among the 10 best TV and film documentaries ever made are two films by Michael Moore and a TV series about trying to be something you're not. Not on the list is anything not in English or made before 1964. Seriously.

Is this some sort of a joke? Who are these experts and filmmakers, exactly? What about, say, The Man with the Movie Camera? Or anything by Werner Herzog? I mean, I'm not saying those necessarily must be in the top 10, but surely they're better than Faking It, and either Bowling for ColumbineorFahrenheit 9/11. The list will be the focus of an ITV show airing tonight in England - if anyone reading this happens to see it, we'd love a report. I'm particularly curious about who their voters/experts are, and if the show offers any qualifiers (please, for the love of God, offer qualifiers) that the article omits.

Meantime, what are your favorite documentaries? Which films have been unfairly left off this trainwreck of a list?

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