No early Friday numbers? No Sunday estimates? Sorry to put you guys through box office number withdrawl  – I'm in Chicago, and they don't even have box office reports here. Okay, that's a total lie - I was just too busy film festivaling to monitor the returns. So it turns out that Wallace and Gromit beat the competition this weekend with $16.1 million – proving once again that if the studios market to families, the families will come. The clay inventor and sidekick were the only newcomers who managed to break through the Flightplan wall; the Jodie Foster thriller held on to the number 2 slot with $10.8 million in its third week. The weekend's other two high-profile new releases – the generally well-reviewed Two For the Money and In Her Shoes – did respectably, if not superbly, grossing $10 million and $8. million, respectively. Here's the bad news: in just its second week, Serenity dropped all the way down to 9th place, with just $4.9 million. There have been a few weekends in the recent past where just-under $5 mil would have been enough to make it into the top five; unfortunately for Whedon fans, this was not one of them. The Firefly spinoff will almost surely drop out of the top ten next weekend – so prepare to kiss your franchise hopes goodbye. Full you-know-what, you-know-where.