Daniel CraigOn the same day that Reuters published an article loudly proclaiming the "007 Secret Safe," London's Daily Mail has reported that Layer Cake star and alleged Sienna Miller boytoy Daniel Craig will be the new James Bond. Since it's fun to pay attention to tabloid rumors, we'll assume that the Mail is right. According to their scoop, the final Bond throwdown was between Craig (who, at 37, is quite a bit older than the producers have been telling us the new Bond will be) and some guy named Henry Cavill (22 and very pretty), and the decision was made based on another set of auditions, as well as a Zoolander-style model-off in tuxes. Honestly. Well, maybe not exactly like Zoolander, but they both put on tuxes and people looked at them. Which is almost the same, really.

The Mail reports that the official announcement will be made later this week. Yeah, well. We've heard that before.
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